Biden thinks it’s just fine that his family monetized his office

Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. (Visar Kryeziu/AP)

Biden thinks it’s just fine that his family monetized his office

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House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) released a memo this week outlining new evidence based on thousands of bank records about the Biden family’s monetization of President Joe Biden‘s public service since the time he served as former President Barack Obama‘s vice president. Although the liberal media have largely tiptoed around the story until now, they will not be able to do so much longer. Comer has found a lot more than anyone expected in such a short time, and there’s just too much there to ignore.

The evidence has long been there that Biden family members, and Hunter Biden especially, have been aggressively making money off the family patriarch’s political career for at least the last 14 years. The new revelation goes into thousands of bank records that show multiple members of the Biden family have taken $10 million from foreign interests, including a businessman closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party and its intelligence agencies.


These payments, including the gift of at least one massive 3.16-carat diamond, were made to Biden family members whose ability to earn money from such sources legitimately is not immediately obvious.

Comer did not present any records indicating that the president himself personally received money nor that he was aware of the details of these transactions. But even his staunchest defenders can’t expect anyone to believe he didn’t know about these transactions. A classic form of corruption is to hire politicians’ family members to lucrative do-nothing jobs for which they are unqualified, such as Hunter Biden’s seat on the board of Burisma; to give them sweetheart business contracts, such as the $4.8 million consulting contract Hunter Biden had with a Chinese energy company; or to purchase their assets, such as Hunter Biden’s art, at unjustifiable prices.

Comer’s memo stated that the Bidens “intentionally sought to hide, confuse, and conceal their influence peddling schemes,” in some cases intentionally complicating their financial transactions “to hide those payments and avoid scrutiny.” On the other side of the transactions, “Chinese Nationals and companies with significant ties to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party hid the source of the funds paid out to the Bidens by layering domestic limited liability companies.”

The Biden family members receiving these foreign payments are believed to include the president’s brother James and his wife; son Hunter and both his current and former wives; and the widow of his late son, Beau, who is also Hunter’s ex-girlfriend. Again, it is anyone’s guess how most of these people could be providing services worth what they are being paid.

Consider that the Left is running an orchestrated campaign to persecute Justice Clarence Thomas for receiving a few baubles from a close friend of many decades. Meanwhile, multiple Biden family members are literally pocketing millions in cash derived from foreign companies, at least one of them tied to a hostile government with which Joe Biden must deal. And of course it goes without saying that such job opportunities would never be available to anyone not related to the current president or someone equally influential. This is certainly a much bigger story, and it should be the main story about Biden’s presidency until and unless he is willing to come forward and clarify the situation.

Based on his own comments and the fact that he met with at least 14 of Hunter’s business associates, Joe Biden has long been aware of the shady business dealings of his own family — it’s just that he doesn’t seem to have any problem with any of it. Indeed, his repeated statements in defense of Hunter’s dealings in particular — that “my son has done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him. It impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him” — are damning because they impugn Joe Biden’s moral and ethical judgment.


The scale of this apparent corruption is already large enough, but it could be even larger given that the records involved in these revelations come from just four banks. This is a serious problem that law enforcement, the media, and the Biden administration itself need to start taking seriously.

Biden needs to address Comer’s evidence head-on and explain whatever he can. If he refuses, then the media should hold him accountable and hound him with questions until he does.

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