Colonial Williamsburg Grapples With Political Correctness, Slavery, Even Lesbians

Some of the Colonial Williamsburg guides and interpreters have an obvious activist bent, desiring to engage visitors on political and emotional questions, which raises concerns about the trajectory of Colonial Williamsburg. This impulse goes to the highest levels. When introducing a panel on Juneteenth, for example, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation vice president, stated that we need to commit ourselves “to the unfinished work of eradicating systematic racism.” The panelists discussed police brutality, making Juneteenth a day of activism, promoting Critical Race Theory (CRT), and incorporating CRT into Juneteenth commemorations.
In 2019, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation established a Gender and Sexual Diversity Research Committee, and in June and October, their specialty programming includes LGBTQIA content. Ladies of Llangollen, for example, is a play about two women who eloped. An article on their website, “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” elucidates why this content was created:

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