FBI Includes ‘Based’ and ‘Redpilled’ in its Glossary of Extremist Terms

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a glossary of terms it associates with extremist, involuntary celibate (incels) individuals and members of religiously or ethnically motivated violent extremism (RMVE), including popular internet slang like “based” and “redpilled.”
The conservative Heritage Foundation’s Oversight Project recently obtained copies of FBI training materials relating to involuntary celibate violent extremists (IVEs) and RMVEs. Among the documents the conservative think tank received was a glossary of terms the FBI lists as indicators of IVE and RMVE affiliations.
The FBI document, which references events as recently as 2019, states, “Indicators of IVE ideology may comprise constitutionally protected conduct, and no single indicator should be the sole basis for determining IVE or criminal activity. The following indicators of IVE ideology may constitute a basis for reporting or law enforcement action when observed with suspicious criminal or potentially violent activity.”…

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