Former Gov. Hogan’s Fugitive Ex-Chief Of Staff Captured In Manhunt, ‘FBI Involved Shooting’

The former chief of staff for ex-Maryland GOP Gov. Gov. Larry Hogan was reported captured Monday in Tennessee.
The top aide, Roy McGrath, became a fugitive last month after failing to appear at trial on wire fraud and embezzlement charges.
McGrath was found by the FBI in a car in Knoxville on Monday evening, in an arrest that involved an “agent-involved shooting,” the agency said.
McGrath, sustained injury and was taken to a hospital
He was set to be tried in March on federal charges related to his time running the Maryland Environmental Service, a quasi-governmental state agency.
Prosecutors said McGrath fraudulently obtained a severance payment of $233,647 when he left to agency take the job as Hogan’s chief of staff in 2020.

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