Hawley Warns of ‘Great Awokening,’ Says GOP Not Prepared to Respond

OXON HILL, Md.–Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) warned of what he called “The Great Awokening” in light of far-left ideology permeating institutions in the United States, and blasted his fellow Republicans for not responding to the challenge.
Speaking at the Heritage Foundation’s Leadership Summit to commemorate the conservative think tank’s 50th anniversary, Hawley said that “the most pressing [and] the most dangerous” challenge America faces is the one from “the new radical left and the new brand of Marxism that they have embraced.”
He warned that they want to “fundamentally transform American life that seeks to change and overthrow practically every institution that we value: marriage, the family, the very idea of gender. They want to purge Christianity and any kind of Bible influence from our culture.”…

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