‘Legalize It’

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk said Monday proposed making fentanyl legal, as possible solution to slow or stop the large number of drug overdoes to which it has been linked.
Musk, the CEO of Twitter, made the comment in response to a tweet that includes an image a woman who seems to be saying, “Most fentanyl sellers… are trying to survive under the same destructive, racist system that replaced opium with morphine, then heroine, then fentanyl: the War on Drugs.”
The libertarian-minded Musk replied: “I think we should legalize it. The probability of overdose or a bad batch is greatly reduced if there is actual [Quality Assurance] & regulation.”
Musk then used the failed 1920’s prohibition on alcohol as justification for ending the so-called war on drugs, calling alcohol “a legacy drug from olden times when we had no technology!”
One user responded that he “used to” agree with ending the drug war, but cited San Fransisco, California, as evidence that such an experiment has already failed.
“The best test case we have for this is San Francisco – where all drugs are functionally legal,” he wrote. “Look at where that’s gotten us.”

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