MTG Thanks Police In Texas Mall Massacre As Gun Control Advocates Point Finger At Her

Georgia GOP Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene, a strong Second Amendment supporter, on Saturday, after as many as nine people were fatally shot at an outside mall in Allen, Texas, thanked the police officer who took down the shooter.

“Thank God for the brave police officer who courageously ran into the line of fire to save others,” tweeted Greene, also an opponent of  “Defund the Police” efforts.

At about the same time supporters of tighter gun-controls laws started posting pictures on social media of Greene and fellow GOP congresswoman Lauren Boebert, holding rifles.

Greene in her post pointed to mental-health and drug-addiction problems as contributing factors for such killings and say “we pray for an end” to them.

Greene also reportedly called the shooter a “monster” deserving of being stopped with lethal force.

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