Nebraska State Senator Wins 7-Year Fight for Constitutional Carry

Nebraska is set to be the 27th state to allow “constitutional carry” of firearms.
“This has been a seven-year labor of love,” Nebraska State Sen. Tom Brewer, sponsor of LB77, told The Epoch Times.
The bill passed on April 19 allows anyone who can legally own a firearm to carry it openly or concealed without a permit. Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen is scheduled to sign the bill on April 25.
Brewer has one year left on his second four-year term. Nebraska senators are limited to two terms.
“Seven of my eight years was the fight for constitutional carry,” Brewer said
According to Brewer, this will be the first bill signed by Pillen, who is starting his first term as governor. In an email to The Epoch Times, Pillen said he is proud to be part of the event….

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