Off The Press | Today’s News Minute April 7, 2023 – 40 Informants!

For two years there has been lots of rumors that there were informants stirring things up during the January 6 Capitol riots. Now we know the truth. A new filing in the Proud Boys trial revealed that there 40 informants working the crowd. We have the details.

A new Biden White House report on his bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan blames Donald Trump for the disaster. The report cites Trump 16 times.

If you carry a handgun, you are now in the majority. 26 states now allow residents to carry guns and two more are planning to approve the freedom.

And the backlash over the decision by Bud Light to team up with a noted transgender influencer has forced a Budweiser distributor to sideline a planned famous Clysdale demonstration out of safety concerns.


‘At Least 40’ Informants

After-Action Review Mentions Trump 12 Times — Says’ Accountable’ Once, But Not For Biden

‘Constitutional Carry’ Now The Rule In US

Trans Backlash Prompts Budweiser Clydesdale Cancellation

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