Off The Press | Today’s News Minute May 3, 2023 – Texas Killer Caught!

A four-day manhunt by federal and Texas authorities has ended with the peaceful arrest of an illegal immigrant wanted in the killing of several neighbors in a town near Houston over the weekend. Acting on a tip, the cops found Francisco Oropesa hiding under some dirty laundry. We expect to see him in court today.

Cities legalizing marijuana are facing a new crisis. As people light up more, they are also throwing their joint stubs on the ground and dogs are eating them. That’s right, we are seeing a stoned dog crisis.

Several states have or are planning to ban guns and the FBI has revealed that those states saw a surge in gun sales in April, before the bans took effect.

And conservative star and former NBA player Enes Kanter Freedom is thinking of running for office.

Got Him

Doobie Doo: More Dogs Getting High On Tossed Joints In Legal Weed Cities

Gun Sales Soar In States Banning Assault Weapons

Ex-NBA Star Considering Run For Congress

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