Off The Press | Today’s News Minute May 4, 2023 – Kremlin Blames Biden!

Moscow has stepped up its attacks on Ukraine after it blamed Kiev for trying to bomb the Kremlin and kill President Vladimir Putin. Russian officials today expanded their unconfirmed story about the drone attacks, claiming that Washington helped Ukraine plan them. This could get ugly folks.

The border crisis is expected to get worse next week when the administration lifts the Trump-era COVID rules. But we’re learning that the troops President Biden is sending to the border won’t do enforcement and instead will do desk work.

The world’s millennials are about to cash in on a $60 trillion inheritance from their Baby Boomer parents.

And we still don’t know what put Jamie Foxx into a Georgia hospital three weeks ago, but his pal Kevin Hart says he’s getting better. And Foxx finally hit social media to thank fans.


Kremlin Blames Biden

Biden-Deployed Border Troops Will Do ‘Data Entry’, Not Law Enforcement

Boomer Legacy: Mom And Dad Leaving $60 Trillion Inheritance

Kevin Hart Says Jamie Foxx In ‘A World Of Better,’ But Still Unclear What Happened

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