Off The Press | Today’s News Minute May 9, 2023 – Debt Ceiling Meeting Day!

It’s finally D-Day for the debt talks. President Biden is hosting a meeting with congressional leaders today to begin negotiations to raise his spending ceiling, but there are no indications that an agreement is close. The problem is simple. Republicans want spending cuts and Biden wants to spend more.

The growing image problems of Vice President Kamala Harris are starting to worry Democrats. Some have already met with the president and asked him to talk her up, but others feel it’s too late to fix her issues.

It looks like the White House is trying again to open a Ministry of Truth to shut down conservatives, but they’ve been caught in the act.

And the expected migrant crisis at the border is already growing out of control. In just the past 10 days, reporters saw over 81,000 gathered at the border.


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Can’t ‘Fix’ Kamala

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Texas Deploying It’s Own Border Force In Preparation For Thursday Onslaught

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