Pro-Gun Rights Economist Disinvited From Committee Hearing by Oregon Senate Democrats

Oregon Senate Democrats disinvited economist and gun rights advocate John Lott from a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing based on criticism from anti-gun online publications.
Democratic State Sen. Floyd Prozanski “had read something from Media Matters attacking me and said I didn’t have the credentials to be an expert,” Lott told The Epoch Times.
Lott had been invited by Republican State Sen. John Linthicum to testify as an expert witness in an April 6 hearing on SB 348, which would increase the requirements of Ballot Measure 114, approved by voters in November 2022 but is now tied up in the courts.
Linthicum had asked Lott, who has extensive experience studying the effect of gun control laws on society, to explain how SB 348 would impact Oregonians. Lott said that, as he was on his way, he received a call from Linthicum telling him that Prozanski had decided not to allow Lott to testify….

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