Rep. Womack to Khan: ‘I Can’t Support Massive Increase for FTC’

In the midst of ongoing debates over federal spending, Rep. Steve Womack voiced his opposition to a proposed budget increase for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). During Thursday’s House Appropriations Committee hearing, Womack raised pointed criticisms at FTC Chair Lina Khan.
“The FTC, with a cavalier attitude, is weighing in on areas that are outside of its authority and deciding on issues through subjective means,” he said.
“Congress is locked in a fierce debate regarding the fiscal trajectory of our nation,” Womack added. “Requests of this magnitude must be explained and justified thoroughly.”
The FTC is requesting an additional $160 million over last year’s enacted levels, a roughly 37 percent increase for an independent agency that “has seen yearly increases,” according to Womack. He expressed concerns over the FTC’s recent track record and its involvement in issues outside of its authority….

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