South Dakota’s Kristi Noem Takes Action On Second Amendment

Speaking with Fox News Digital immediately after signing of the order, the rumored 2024 presidential candidate stressed the need to “lead by example” when it came to the Second Amendment, and shared what was on her mind as she mulls a potential run for the White House.
“We’ve recently seen in this country that banking institutions are discriminating against firearm companies or ammunition companies. So, what I did was sign an executive order that would prevent the state of South Dakota from doing any business with financial institutions that would do that type of discriminatory action against our Second Amendment rights,” Noem said when asked about the order she signed in front of the thousands of NRA convention attendees.
“It’s incredibly important that we set and lead by example. And this executive order is one way that we can do that, to continue to stand for constitutional rights of the people in our state,” she said.

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