2024 Candidates Differ on Possible NATO Membership for Ukraine

This week, President Joe Biden was at the NATO summit in Lithuania, where the topic of Ukraine being a future member of the 31-member alliance.
The 2024 presidential candidates are split on that possibility.
Mr. Biden, a Democrat, told CNN that Ukraine is not ready to join the Brussels-based group.
“I don’t think it’s ready for membership in NATO,” he told Fareed Zakaria in an interview that aired on July 9.
“But here’s the deal. I spent, as you know, a great deal of time trying to hold NATO together because I believe Putin has had an overwhelming objective from the time he launched 185,000 troops into Ukraine, and that was to break NATO,” continued Mr. Biden. “He was confident, in my view and many in the intelligence community, he was confident he could break NATO.”…

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