Bipartisan Coalition of 39 Attorneys General Call on Congress to Combat Illicit Xylazine

A bipartisan coalition of 39 attorneys general have called on Congress to pass a bill to fight illicit xylazine.
The May 18 letter to congressional leadership and the chairmen and ranking members of a couple House and Senate committees want Congress to pass the bipartisan Combating Illicit Xylazine Act. It was introduced in March by Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-Calif.) and has 31 Democrat and 29 Republican cosponsors. It would “prohibit certain uses of xylazine, and for other purposes.”
According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, xylazine is “a non-opioid veterinary tranquilizer not approved for human use, [and] has been linked to an increasing number of overdose deaths nationwide in the evolving drug addiction and overdose crisis.” There have been cases of xylazine mixed with other deadly drugs, including fentanyl….

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