California Democrat Doubles Down On Call For Feinstein To Resign

“I have a lot of respect for Senator Feinstein and I am wishing her the best in her return and recovery,” Rep. Ro Khanna wrote in an email to SFGATE. “That being said, I stand by my call for her to resign.”
After Feinstein returned last week, Khanna told POLITICO, “I stand by what I said at the time, because three months is a long time to be absent without any clarity,” though added, “But given where we are, I’m hopeful. I’m giving the situation the benefit of the doubt and hopeful that she’ll be able to fulfill her duty, that’s what I care about.”
Khanna’s call comes after Feinstein, who has been in politics for 53 years, was asked by reporters about her lengthy absence and how her colleagues reacted upon her return.

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