Ex-CIA Chief Testified Hunter Biden Laptop Letter Was Purely Political: Jordan

Former CIA Director John Brennan privately testified before a House Judiciary Committee panel that the letter he and 50 other current and former intelligence officials signed suggesting that Hunter Biden’s laptop could be Russian disinformation had a political motive, according to committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).
“He [Brennan] sat for a four-hour interview … and he further confirmed that this thing was all political,” Jordan told Fox News’ Jesse Watters on May 11 after Brennan completed his interview with the committee’s Weaponization of the Federal Government panel.
Jordan alleged that it was Secretary of State Antony Blinken, then a senior adviser to President Joe Biden’s campaign, who set the wheels in motion for the open letter (pdf) by reaching out to the letter’s eventual author, former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell, to discuss the laptop story….

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