Extended Boycott in Oregon Disqualifies GOP, Independent Senators From Being Reelected

Oregon Senate Republicans Dennis Linthicum and Daniel Bonham, along with former Republican turned independent Brian Boquist, were all disqualified on Monday from reelection under a new constitutional amendment aimed at stopping walkouts from the chamber.
This decision comes as the senators reached the 10-day boycotting limit, as they attempt to stall and block voting on bills pushing access to abortion, gun control, and gender-related health care in Oregon’s legislative sessions.
The GOP-led walkout of the Democrat-dominated Senate began on May 3, with some participating lawmakers rotating in and out to avoid being disqualified from a return to office. Each of the three affected senators accumulated 10 unexcused absences, making them ineligible to serve in the Legislature after their terms expire under a ballot measure voters passed overwhelmingly last year….

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