Hero Kid Who Saved Busload Of Children Credits Lack Of Cellphone

The heroic teenager who saved a busload of students from an accident after the driver suffered a medical emergency was one of the few who was not using a cellphone at the time of the incident.
Dillon Reeves, a seventh-grader in Warren, Michigan, was seated in the fifth row of his bus last month when the driver began feeling dizzy and passed out, prompting Reeves to spring into action by grabbing the wheel and applying the brakes as the bus veered into oncoming traffic, a split-second act of heroism made possible by being one of the few students who was not using a cellphone, his family told CBS News.
“What else are you going to do when you don’t have a phone?” Reeves said in an interview with CBS. “You’re going to look at people. You’re going to notice stuff.”

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