Hunter Biden Goes To Court

President Biden’s son Hunter Biden complied Monday with an Arkansas judge’s order that he appear in-person for a hearing regarding a 2020 paternity suit and was ordered to provide more details about his art sales and other finances.
The judge ordered Biden at the hearing to sit for a deposition in June to provide more answers about his finances.
The suit was settled in 2020 after a DNA test show Biden was the father of now 4-year-old child he with a woman named Lunden Roberts, and Biden agreed to pay child support.
However, his recent request to lower the payment results in Roberts reopening the case for “discovery,” which also have reopened questions about questionable overseas business dealings.
A judge in the case criticized Biden and his legal team for the records that they had produced already, saying they were over redacted, and ordered they re-file public versions of some previously submitted.

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