Kari Lake Argues Trump ‘So Strong’ He ‘Doesn’t Really Need’ A VP

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate, Kari Lake, suggested former President Donald Trump might not even need a vice president if he were to win reelection.
The conversation took place on Tim Pool’s podcast The Culture War, released Sunday, where Lake and Pool discussed her ongoing fight against election fraud in Arizona and the 2024 presidential election. Although Lake is rumored to be a possible vice president pick for Trump, alongside others like Marjorie Taylor Greene, she believes the spot would do little to help the 45th president.
“He’s so strong. He doesn’t really need a VP, but he needs somebody, if he does pick someone, I believe who the media hates more than him, who is loyal. Who’s loyal and will continue to be loyal. I mean, we saw with Mike Pence, he wasn’t really loyal,” Lake said.

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