Lego releases LGBT ‘Pride Parade’ video

The Lego Group released a “mini stories” Instagram video called “Pride Parade” on Thursday.

“These dazzling minifigures are ready for Pride with their very own spectacular Pride celebration!” the post said alongside an Instagram video with the hashtags #LEGO #Pride #Celebration #LGBTQIA.

The stop-motion animated video shows Lego people gathering on a makeup table in a bedroom. A Lego person throws a Lego piece on the floor to magically create a rainbow slide from the table to the floor which helps them slide down to join other colorful rainbow-themed LGBT Lego people.

The Instagram video cuts to other Lego characters wearing animal heads, which some people on social media identified as “furries.” The animal Lego people went to greet a crowd that was having a Pride party on top of a Roomba vacuum.

The celebratory Lego people danced around on top of the Roomba, which then transformed into the shape of a Lego birthday cake. Rainbow-colored confetti was released into the air over the Lego Pride party.

The words “Happy Pride” popped up at the close of the video in bold white and rainbow letters.

The Lego Pride video is not the first time that the toy company has celebrated lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride.

In 2019, the Lego Group had released a build of Trafalgar Square in London that included a rainbow flag in its set construction pieces. In June 2021, the company dedicated the Lego set “Everyone is Awesome” to celebrate the LGBT community and more inclusivity.

“We want to help create a world through LEGO® play where everyone is welcome and valued,” the company’s website said of the set.


This year, the company created a Lego Parade display at the Lego Discovery Center MINIWORLD located in Springfield, Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C., to show its support of Pride Month.

The special Lego Pride display is a smaller city model of Washington, D.C., showing the White House, the Smithsonian, and various monuments. Lego rainbow color floats are seen lining the streets of the display to show a Pride Parade celebration with rainbow flags. It took over 4,094 hours to build the Lego display.