Longtime Thomas Friend Hits Back At Democratic Probe Into Financial Records

Harlan Crow, a longtime friend of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has rejected a request from Senate Democrats for financial documents regarding Crow’s relationship with the justice.
Crow’s attorney, Michael Bopp, sent Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, a response letter on Monday saying Wyden’s request lacked a proper legal predicate and, instead, is an “attempt to tarnish the reputation of a sitting Supreme Court Justice and his friend of many years, Mr. Crow.”
“The Committee showed no interest in evaluating federal gift tax laws until the April 24 Letter, which came just two weeks after media reports regarding Mr. Crow’s friendship with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and has given no indication of any federal gift tax issues it seeks to investigate beyond those referenced in the Letter,” Bopp wrote in a letter obtained by CNN.

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