Matt Gaetz, Byron Donalds Rush To Defend DeSantis After 2018 Debate Prep Leaked

Florida Republican Reps. Matt Gaetz and Byron Donalds, who both endorsed former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid for the White House, rushed to defend Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Sunday after someone leaked videos from DeSantis’ debate prep in 2018.
“I ran the Desantis Debate Prep in 2018. Though I prefer Trump for President (bigly), the release of these videos by the person operating the camera is disloyal hackery that I do not abide,” Gaetz wrote on Twitter. “Staffers who leak on the candidates they’ve done work for deserve the reputations they get.”
“He didn’t say anything wrong,” Gaetz continued. “Still doesn’t make this leak honorable.”

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