Off The Press | Today’s News Minute May 11, 2023 – CNN Trump Town Hall!

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Today is the last day that Title 42 COVID-era immigration restrictions will be in place and we’re already seeing chaos at the border. 11,000 migrants, the most ever, were nabbed yesterday and thousands more are ready to pour in tomorrow from Mexico. So far, the Biden White House has no new deportation plan

Former President Trump doubled down on Jan. 6 and his concerns about 2020 election fraud in his CNN Town Hall Wednesday night. Interviewer Kaitlan Collins interrupted him so often that he called her nasty.

Elon Musk is helping Tucker Carlson build a Twitter channel and now we hear he might do the same for Don Lemon.

And lying Representative George Santos wants to know why he’s been charged with fraud and the Bidens are walking free despite new evidence of financial hanky-panky.


Border Crisis Worsens

Defiant Don

Musk Weights Don Lemon’s Interest In Launching A Twitter Show

He’s Not Wrong: Santos Wonders Why Bidens Skate While He’s Target Of A ‘Witch Hunt’

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