Off The Press | Today’s News Minute May 12, 2023 – In James Comer We Trust on Biden!

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The long-awaited border surge predicted when Title 42 restrictions end has arrived and the chaos is real. Thousands of migrants are now lining up to get into the United States. A court ruled Thursday night that President Biden can’t just let them go. And states are bussing illegals to once-migrant friendly cities.

In the latest string of victories for Second Amendment advocates, a judge ruled that sales of handguns can’t be blocked for 18-year-olds.

The networks may be ignoring him, but House Oversight Chairman James Comer is moving into his next stage of pursuing Biden family corruption. What’s more, a new poll shows Americans believe his charges.

And Italians take their pasta very seriously, so it makes sense that the government is holding emergency meetings to deal with a recent doubling of pasta prices.

Court: No Migrant Dumping

Yes, 2A Allows 18-Year-Olds To Buy Handguns Judge Rules

Comer: Evidence Warrants Investigation Of Joe Biden ‘For Public Corruption’

Bidengate: 69% See It As A Serious Scandal, 63% Believe Bribery, Payola Charge

Italy In Crisis Over Pasta Prices

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