Planned Parenthood Leader Calls For Expansion Of Supreme Court

The president and CEO of nonprofit organization Planned Parenthood on Sunday called for the expansion of the Supreme Court bench, citing recent attacks “on our democratic rights and our democratic freedoms.”
The leader of the powerful pro-abortion group, Alexis McGill Johnson, made the comment on MSNBC, suggesting a pipeline of conservative judges in Texas getting cases before the Supreme Court, which also has a conservative majority.

“You have this lone Texas judge that can now bring cases, you can form shop there, bring cases to the Fifth Circuit, which is also conservative and up to the Supreme Court now, which has a conservative supermajority,” she said regarding the federal Texas judge who ruled in favor of taking a popular abortion medication off the market.

Pro-abortion group most recently made this argument before when the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade, ending federal protections for women who get an abortion.

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