Senate Votes to Overturn Biden Wildlife Rules

The U.S. Senate narrowly approved two resolutions on May 11, both on 51-49 votes, that overturned the Biden administration’s endangered species regulations.
One of the votes struck down the regulation that not only protects areas from development where endangered species live, but also potential habitats for those species. The Senate vote returns the protection of the narrower designation that the Trump administration had put in place, which only made off-limits to building, construction, and timber farming those places where the threatened wildlife presently live.
The Senate also voted to remove a regulation that protects the northern long-eared bat, which has become endangered due to white-nose syndrome. The disease is caused by a fungus that affects the species when it is hibernating in winter. It represents for mammals among the most lethal of illnesses, reducing bat numbers by 97 percent in some areas. …

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