Thomas Slaps Back


Under nonstop fire for alleged ethics issues, the lawyer for Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas fired back at the latest claim that makes a good deed look like a criminal act.

This time it’s over billionaire Republican mega-donor Harlan Crow paying for the education of their relative, saying, in part, the money never went directly to the Thomases.

Said lawyer and friend Mark Paoletta: The Thomases—quietly and honorably—devoted twelve years of their lives to helping a beloved child in desperate need of love, support, and guidance. In 1997, Justice Thomas and his wife brought their great nephew to live with them. They agreed to take in this young child much as Justice Thomas’s grandparents had done for him and his brother in 1955. Justice Thomas’s grandparents changed the trajectory of his life, and the Thomases hoped to do the same for a child in need.

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